Senegal:An Enchanting Democracy In Turbulent West Africa

  • Senegal Regained its Independence from French Colonial Rule On 4th April 1960;On 5th September 1960 it became a Republic with Leopold Sedar Senghor as the First President.The first Independence Elections were held on December 1963 and Senghor with his Independence Party ‘Senegalese Progressive Union’ (UPS) was reelected unopposed as he was the only Candidate.
  • By 1966 Senghor’s UPS Party absorbed all the other Parties to make Senegal a One-Party State.This allowed President Senghor to Run for Two Consecutive Terms being an Unopposed C
    Senegal 2019 Presidential Election

    andidate in the General Elections of 1968 and 1973.

  • A Constitutional Amendment of March 1976 allowed 3 Parties to Join the Political arena.Senghor’s UPS Party Re-branded to become the Socialist Party and for the first time in the Elections of February 1978 Senghor had an Opponent one Abdoulaye Wade who joined the race with his Senegalese Democratic Party (SDP).He nevertheless Won his Third Term with a Landslide.Senghor ruled until December 1980 when he retired Voluntarily handing over Power to his Prime Minister one Abdou Diouf. Senghor became the first President of Independent Africa to retire and hand over Power Voluntarily.
  • More Political Parties were formed after Senghor’s retirement and by the time of the next Elections on February 1983 Abdou Diouf had Four Opponents.He however won with a Landslide.He again on the Elections of February 1993 won his Second Term.
  • On the General Elections of February 2000 no Candidate managed the Constitutional Threshold of 50% of Total Votes prompting a Second Round Poll on March the same Year and Diouf lost to his long-time Challenger and Opposition Candidate one Abdoulaye Wade.This was Wade’s 5th Time in the Race for the Top Job after Four Unsuccessful attempts.Just like his Predecessor, Diouf conceded defeat and handed over to to Wade on April 2000.On the Elections of February 2007 President Wade Won his second Term as President.
  • In the General Elections of February 2012 Wade sparked controversy when he declared his bid for a Third Term against the dictates of the 2001 Constitution that had set a Maximum of Two Terms for Presidency.The Constitutional Court on January 2012 ruled in his favor and he was cleared to run.He lost to Macky Sall in a Second Round Poll of March 2012 after that of February failed to Produce a Clear Winner.Wade conceded defeat, congratulated Macky Sall and handed over to him on April 2012.
  • In Today’s Election,President Macky Salll willl be facing 5 Opponents after Two of who would be his Major Opponents Khalifa Sall and Karim Wade were disqualified from the Race by the Constitutional Council over their involvement in Mega Corruption Cases that saw them Convicted in 2018 and 2015 respectively.
  • Without the Two in the Race Macky Sall who is 58 Years old is well placed to secure his Second Term in Office
  • Out of Senegal’s Total Population of 16.5 Million People;6.6 Million Senegalese have been Registered to Vote in the 15000 Polling Stations across the 45 electoral Constituencies in this Country.
  • The February 2019 Presidential Election was won by Incumbent President Macky Sall with 58% securing his Second and Last 5-Years Term in Office.

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