Of A Country That Lives A Lie of its Name;Naturally Rich But Lives In Extreme Poverty

Today we take you to the second largest Country in Africa whose untapped 1000+ Minerals deposit is estimated to be worth over $25 Trillion which makes DR Congo the Wealthiest Nation in the World in terms of Natural Resources.DRC is the Worlds biggest producer/reserve of Cobalt and among the biggest producer/reserve of Copper and Diamond among other Minerals.Despite the immense Natural Wealth;the Democratic Republic of Congo is shockingly among the Top Ten Poorest Countries in the World with over 80% of its Population living below $1.25 a day.This is greatly attributed to a critically dysfunctional Political and Economic Fabric coupled with incessant interference from Foreign imperialists whose only interest is in its rich Minerals Reserve.There are over 25 Foreign Mining Companies in DRC .

Despite being called the “Democratic” Republic of Congo,this Country has NEVER had a ‘Democratic Election and Transfer of Power’

The National Flag of the Democratic Republic Of Congo

since it Regained Independence from Belgium 58 Years ago.Power Transition here has been characterized by Coups and Political Assassinations.The only Political Leader who rose to Power through a Democratic Pedestal was the late Patrice Lumumba who after winning most seats with his Pre-Independence Coalition Allies on May 1960 Elections that were overseen by the Colonial Master was Appointed the Country’s first Prime Minister and De Facto Head of Independent Government to be,a week to the Country’s Independence.After Full Independence Patrice being the Nationalist he was managed to convince his Coalition Partners to Appoint Joseph Kasavubu as a Ceremonial President making him the first President of Independent DRC. Upon assuming Power Kasavubu turned against his Comrade Patrice and Ousted him out of Government in September 1960 setting him up to former Colonial Masters and Western Powers who were already threatened by Lumumba’s Black Nationalism and Pan-African Ideals.It is believed the three Powers ganged up against him and plotted his Assassination in 1961.

President Kasavubu continued ruling until 1965 in his 5th Year in Power when Congolese Army General Joseph Mobutu Sese Seko Toppled and Ousted him and installed himself as President.Mobutu reigned Dictatorship for 32 Years until 1997 when Rebel Forces led by Laurent Desire Kabila Toppled and Ousted him.Desire Kabila then installed himself as the President.Barely 5 years later,the Strongman President Desire Kabila was shot and killed by his Bodyguard on January 2001.Desire Kabila was quickly replaced by his Son Joseph Kabila who was then 30 Years Old that very Month.

Joseph Kabila also a Strongman was the President of DRC since the Killing of his Father in January 2001 to January 24,2019 when he handed over to the current President Mr.Felix Tshisekedi.Mr.Joseph Kabila’s due term was set to expire on December 2016 but he refused to leave and postponed Elections which saw the return of Violent Militia Groups in DRC.

Presidential Elections were scheduled to be held on December 23,2018 but the Country’s Electoral Commission CENI postponed the Exercise to December 30,2018 after a strange Fire that broke out on December 13,2018 burnt and destroyed over 8000 Voting Machines and over 5 Million Ballot Papers.A CENI chartered Plane carrying a Consignment of some other Electoral Materials crashed near Kinshasa Airport killing all 6 People on Board hours after delivering the Consignment.This was barely a Week after the Fire Incident.

The Country’s Opposition led by Key Figures one Martin Fayulu and Felix Tshisekedi have vowed not to tolerate any more delay of this Election with others saying that this is a scheme by President Joseph Kabila to remain in Control even after stepping down through a Proxy of his Minions believed to be one Emmanuel Shadary who is also a Candidate in this Presidential Election through President Kabila’s ruling FCC Party direct Ticket. Shadary is the Party’s Permanent Secretary,Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Security.He Shadary is on the European Union Watch List with Sanctions for charges of Human Rights Abuse,Arbitrary arrests,detentions,torture and killing of Political Activists and Leftists.

56-Years Old Felix Tshisekedi was announced the Winner of a disputed and contested December 2018 Election with 7 Million Votes against his closest Rival Martin Fayulu who was announced Second with 6.4 Million Votes.While the Credibility of this Election remains in Doubt and Question;DR Congo saw its first Peaceful/Orderly Transfer of Power since its Independence 59 Years ago.

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